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Future Flyers: Passing Down the Flying Bug

Flying Planes: Awesome Way to Inspire the Future Flyers and Pass On Valuable Experience

What could possibly be more gratifying than flying? How about inspiring some kids into being future flyers? Luckily, flying is cool enough to do this!dv1613006 297x300 Future Flyers: Passing Down the Flying Bug

My dad flew planes a lot before I was born.  Once he had a child at home though, he retired from the sport unfortunately.  I can only imagine the awe I would’ve had if I had been able to go up with him as a kid.

That’s what made me admire this story so much:

Late on a Sunday afternoon, Dave Courtney starts the engine of his Cessna 172 and starts down the runway. Seven-year-old Allyson Wells pushes her face up against the window, taking in the scenery below.

Orange light bathes their faces. For an hour or so, grandfather and granddaughter enjoy the freedom of flight.


Allyson lives in Eugene and shares her grandfather’s love of flying. She has her own monogramed pink headset, and the two fly together whenever they can. He hopes she’ll want to be a pilot herself someday.

“I’m trying to plant the seed for Allyson and if it goes, great.”

This story is great on so many levels.  That Mr. Courtney has taken his hobby and turned it into a profession speaks volumes about his ingenuity.  Not very many people can do this, and he appears to be in a perfectly beautiful area right on the Oregon Coastline to have what’s probably some of the most amazing scenery on the planet within which to do his work.

And of course an even bigger bonus is that fact that he gets to bring his granddaughter along with him.  Talk about a dream job – spending time with the grandkid while doing what you love …. in addition to possibly inspiring her to share his flying bug.

There’s just something really special about getting to share your passion and your legacy with the next generation; especially when that youngster is right in your own family.  I bet this makes shopping for a young girl a lot easier now!  Not to mention he’ll have someone receptive to pass on his treasured aviation related goodies at some point.

Here’s to hoping Allyson can take off and fly her own plane someday!


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